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Vision for Airedale

Vision for Airedale

Our mission is to live the Gospel life and to share this with all those we come into contact with.

  1. Deepen and develop a love and knowledge of God across our communities
  2. Grow a church by making new disciples, a generation younger than the present over all age profile of our current community. Daring to be different and moving away from our traditional way of doing things:
  3. Encourage and develop lay leadership in all its forms and empower people to share their gifts across the circuit.
  4. Have an input within the wider local community (outreach), building on initiatives already in place and bringing a Christian perspective to issues around social, economic and ecological both local and national.

The above will be achieved by the following means:

    • Continue and develop the spiritual growth of the community of Christ in the Airedale circuit, building on what is here already.
    • Devise new initiatives to improve the spiritual well-being of all members new and old
    • A variety of forms of worship from reflective to ZOOM and beyond!!
    • Open to celebrating God in different settings, not just within a church building
    • Developing an inter-generational community so that we can exchange a variety of ideas and experiences so that we can enrich each other.
    • Continue to offer lay-lead pastoral support
    • Work in ministry with lay preachers and worship leaders
    • Work with other Christians ecumenically across a range of initiatives.
    • Develop an increasing awareness of social justice issues across the communities of the Airedale Circuit
    • Working with already establish community groups to bring a faith perspective